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People often like to keep their about pages short. However to explain AshtonDeroy.com it is a bit more complicated than a Marketer with a Web portfolio. This web space has been a space for enjoyment, advocacy & ideology. What is the core of Ashton Deroy’s identity? Ashton Deroy was diagnosed with Autism at 8 years old. As a result Ashton Deroy has grown a lot of their online presence in the realm of Autism advocacy. 

Why Ashton Deroy entered the realm of Political blogging? Ashton Deroy entered Political blogging in 2017 when they took Introduction to Canadian Politics at Seneca College. From there Ashton Deroy entered the realm of discussion of Belleville Ontario municipal politics with a bang. In 2018, Ashton Deroy helped avoid the election of an anti-marijuana City Councillor Paul Bell by exposing the under thought flaws of keeping a regulated marijuana dispensary out of Belleville. “Work on banning guns, not safe legal sale of marijuana products from the hands of law abiding users.” Was a key point in the discussion with the short sighted councilor, this won admiration of the young adult demographic of Blog readers within Belleville Ontario by creating an SEO strategy that indexed Paul Bell & positioned him as a guy you couldn’t trust in city government. 

Workers’ Rights discussion. Since 2015 Ashton Deroy has been a firm believer that Ashton Deroy needed to step out of line & stand up for the general rights of Laborers in Ontario. This has included strongly written critiques of the Telecom industry and the lack of job security and diversity shown in the workplaces. Despite the negative critiques of that industry though Ashton Deroy was sure to recognize a successful use of Social responsibility adapted by companies such as Hawkin’s Cheezies and applauded the company on their culture as well as professionalism in provided jobs geared towards families. 

Lastly this website is quite often a place of entertainment & humor. A lot of our readers are stoners, young adults & hippies. If they came here and were getting serious content all of the time, they wouldn’t come read anymore. This blog has to have style, attitude and personality. Autistic people are getting stronger voices in the realm of Environmental change, Ted Talks about our lives & Workers’ Rights. Now we believe is the best chance to shine & build our site to become a force in Belleville first and then a presence in the province & country. 

This is the time to shine as an Autistic person in North America. We can be a website to promote the needs, thoughts & desires of people within the Autistic community. This website was created in 2015, we have had a couple of setbacks & a bit of confusion. However this year we really believe we can hit our strides, grow our presence & maybe even grow some influence within the community. People might expect this space to be a really radicalized place on the web, it is not. This website is pro-freedom, anti-secularism, anti-communist & pro-equality. Ashton Deroy is from a family of patriots, rebels & geniuses. In many ways the website is consistent with the tone of someone raised in that way. 

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